Arctic Air Snow Removal System

Made in the USA
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Arctic Air Snow Removal Systems has developed the safest, most efficient snow removal system on the market today.

Our systems use only air to effectively remove the snow and ice from your fleet's vehicle rooftops. Our blowers are designed to blow the snow off into a grassy area or an area not being used, such as a retention pond.

During harsh Northeastern winters, inches or even feet of snow can build up overnight or even in a matter of hours. When trailers, trucks or buses are parked in uncovered lots, this snow builds up and accumulates on the tops of these vehicles. When trucks or buses get back on the road and pick up speed, the snow and ice flies off, often into the path of drivers behind the truck. This commercial snow removal system from Arctic Air removes the risk of flying snow by blowing away accumulation before vehicles head back out onto the roads and highways.

This standing system also eliminates the need for drivers and maintenance workers to climb on top of wet, slippery trucks to clear the snow off. By simply driving through the system, a powerful jet of compressed air will remove the snow and ice, allowing the driver to continue onward with no delays. The system is incredibly fast and can clear off a full trailer in less than a minute, making it incredibly convenient while also helping improve safety for all drivers on the road.

Watch the video above to see the Arctic Air Snow Removal System for trailers and large trucks in action and see how the system can improve safety and efficiency at your workplace. To learn more about this commercial snow removal system or for information about ordering, call us today at 866-393-9300.