Arctic Air Snow Removal System

Made in the USA
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The snow has to go!

The Arctic Air Snow Removal System is a product designed by Calvin Roth and Henry Thissen that removes the snow from the top of large trucks using compressed air. The product is designed to keep the roads safe by avoiding fallout of snow when trucks drive on the highway.

Located in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania we know what issues trucks encounter in the cold blistery winters. We aim to help protect our highways with the best possible product for the lowest price. Our machine can be purchased with a 24,000 watt diesel generator or can be stationary and wired direct.

Why buy Arctic Air?

  • Reduce fleet idle time to ensure trucks get on the road as scheduled.
  • Reduce labor costs and other expenses
  • Prevent injuries to employees, OSHA violations and workers compensation claims.
  • Reduce fuel costs
  • Eliminate violations and fines to drivers.
  • Reduce risks and liability to motorists.
  • Protect your company brand from negative publicity.

What makes us different

  • Mobile or Permanent
  • Efficient and Easy to Operate
  • Assembles in about an hour
  • Can be operated by Driver Only
  • Timer for Consistent operation for up to 2 Hours
  • 24,000 Watt Generator
  • 25 HP 3 Phase Electric Motor
  • Blower produces 10,000 CFM
  • Wind Speed up to 300 MPH
  • Wheels and Slots break up crusty snow